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wannablessedbe's fic & icons
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4th-Feb-2006 11:46 pm(no subject)
18 Rachel Stevens Icons

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27th-Jan-2006 10:57 pm - High School Musical
katie holmes what we desire
Icons from the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical

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A few blank icons from The Cocoa Cola Holiday Commercial and some scenes from the 1982 movie Annie.

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There will be more Annie lately. These were merely a test to see if the caps were decent enough to icon.
26th-Dec-2005 11:06 pm - Multifandom Icon Post
Multi-Fandom Icon Post, including Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, King Kong (non spoilery), 101 Dalmations, Lost, Titanic, and Claudia Black (Sg-1). These got really random as far as fandoms go after the Buffyverse.

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Title: Guilty Pleasure
Pairing: Willow/Kennedy, Willow/Tara
Spoilers: BtVS Season 7
Prompt: Willow/Kennedy, television, guilty

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1st-Dec-2005 04:54 pm - 12 Firefly icons
12 Firefly icons

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12th-Nov-2005 06:53 pm - 12 Wonderfalls Icons
12 Wonderfalls Icons

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+Credit either fandomslayer or wannablessedbe
+No modifying without permission

Caps by me
Brushes found at 100x100_brushes
Textures found at icon_textures
Resource post not made yet, so drop me a comment if you want to know about a specific font/texture/brush
22nd-Sep-2005 03:24 am - Firefly Fic Recs
Since Fanfiction.net is known for its less-than-desirable fics, I went through and picked out a few of the gems.

Belong Here - Mal/Inara - We all have bad habits, don't we?

Getting Dirty - Kaylee- The ground beneath her feet.

When in Love - Inara/Kaylee - Sweet fluffy situation under a tree…

Copper for a Kiss - River/Jayne</a> - Jayne and River work on reconciling after his betrayal

Gravity - Kaylee - It's Kaylee's first time up in space, and adjusting to the new Gravity gives her troubles.

Empty - Inara - The night before she leaves. Spoilers for Heart of Gold.

Partners in Crime - Jayne - Kaylee brings a kitten aboard the Serenity, and it immediately begins making Jayne's life miserable.

Chains in the Desert - Mal/Inara - Inara is captured by slave traders.

Broke - Wash/Zoe - Wash asks for some help from old friends.
Title: The Revenge of Miss Kitty
Summary:Dawn killed Miss Kitty now Miss Kitty wants to get even. Set during End of Days.
Spoilers:End of Days

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